Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport


Airport Fees and Charges

J.A. Pengel International Airport – Airport Charges and Fees
(Excludes VAT of 10%)  USD ($) Details
Aircraft Landing Charges
A. International traffic
Aircraft (Maximum Take-Off Weight)
up to 5,000 kg 25 Per Flight
5,001 kg  and over 5.50 Per 1000 kg  or part thereof
B. Domestic traffic 25 Per Flight
Instructions and test flights 5 Per 1000 kg or part thereof
Aircraft Parking fees
Aircraft (Maximum Take-Off Weight) per 1,000kg 0.5 First 4 hours FREE, thereafter:
USD 0,50 per 1.000 KG per 24 hrs.
 Air Navigation Facility Charges
A. International 
Aircraft mass
up to 10,000 kg 25 Per Flight
10,001 kg t0 50,000 kg 125 Per Flight
more than 50,000 kg 250 Per Flight
B. Domestic
All  categories 1.5 Per Flight
Fuel Cost
Per Gallon
Passenger Service Charges
Passenger facility charge 35
Terminal fee 25
Safety fee 6
Airport Courtesy Service
Corporate Subscription 500 Per year
Pax charge with membership 10 Children 0-5 years, free of charge
Meeter-greeter member 10
Pax Non membership charge 30
Meeter-greeter (non members) 30
Group s 20-30 persons 450
Groups 31-39 persons 600
Groups 40-49 persons 750
Groups  50-99 persons 950
Groups  >  100 1800
Press  conferences 850
Courtesy Room exclusive  rent 300 Per hour
CARGO Cold Storage facilities
Storage costs incl. weighing 0.09 Per kg/per 24 hrs
Standby rate per chamber 60 per hour
Rental space for  cargo handling 385 Maximum 5 hrs,
Every extra hour will
be charged USD 75,00
Landside Car Parking
General daily parking 3 Per vehicle per time
Overnight parking
Daily Rate 12.5
Weekly Rate 65
Monthly Rate 250
Parking with contract/subscription
Long term parking for cars and coaches 500.00 Per year
Parking subscription for sedans 650 Per year
Parking subscription (bus <16 pers.)
Parking subscription (bus >16 pers.) 750 Per year
Permanent Parking spot for Rental Cars
Daily 20
Weekly 125
Monthly 250
Commercial Advertisement
Luggage cart advertising 7.5 Per cart, per month
Billboard advertising (outdoor) 400 Per billboard/Per month
Wall advertising ( indoor) 273.75 Per m², per month
Wall advertising (outdoor) 50 Per m², per month
Lightbox advertising (indoor) 200 Per month (max. 6 months)
Commercial Space rent
Indoor space 20 Per m², per month
Outdoor space 15 Per m², per month
Booth concession 350 Per month
 Temporary commercial ads
*Banner  indoor 100 Weekly
*Banner outdoor 150 Weekly
 Commercial Audio/ Video recording 75 Per hour
Airport activity fee’s
    Security fee        15 % from subtotal
   Operations fee   10 % from subtotal
Maintenance fee  10 % from subtotal
General Accomodation Charges
    Conference room rent                                                                   60
    Badges                                                                                                  15                Per Badge
    Airport Awarenes training 25    Per Trainee
    CIP Room Decoration                                                                   1500             By Request: Flower decoration