Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport


Pilot Information

The information regarding the aerodrome and facilities is published in the Suriname Aeronautical Information Publication. A Flight Information Office is provided for use by aircrew where information applicable to flights is available. Additional information can be obtained on request from ATC. Any changes to the actual conditions of the airport, required facilities and services must be reported and amended as necessary

In the headings below references are made in brackets to corresponding parts of AIP Suriname. When changes need to be made in the Aerodrome Manual, AIS must be informed about the changes for updating of the AIP Suriname.

It is of utmost importance that information in the Aerodrome Manual and in the AIP Suriname is the same.

a Name of the Aerodrome: Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport (SMJP/PBM)
b Location: 30 nm south of the capital of Paramaribo
c Aerodrome reference point:
Aerodrome reference code:
05° 27′ 05” N / 55º 12′ 03” W (WGS-84)
d Aerodrome elevation: 18 m (59 Ft) (05° 27′ 10” N / 55º 11′ 15” W (WGS-84)
e Elevation threshold RWY 11:
Elevation threshold RWY 29:
Highest elevation touchdown zone RWY 11:
17.1 m (56Ft)
17.5 m (57Ft)
17.1 m (56Ft)
f Aerodrome reference temperature:
Magnetic variation:
35° C.
17º W
g Aerodrome beacon details Coordinates:
Location:Color of light:
05° 27′ 5” N / 55º 12′ 11” W
Approx. 230 m on the right hand site of the centre of threshold runway 11.
Flashing white / green
Every 10 seconds
h Aerodrome Operator: Airport Management Ltd.
(N.V. Luchthavenbeheer)Headquarters:
Wayambostraat 5
Paramaribo, Suriname
E-mail: 1)  info (@)


Phone numbers

Airport Management Ltd.  Phone (+597)  Availability  (local time)
General Director  401348  7.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.
Airport Manager  325200  8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
Airport Operations  325221
Mobile: 08650495
 24 hours

Aerodrome Dimensions and Related Information

General Information:            

Runway  RWY 11  RWY 29
True bearing 090º 270º
Designation number  11 29
Length 3480 m 3480 m
Width 45 m 45 m
Shoulders 7.5 m each side 7.5 m each side
Displaced Threshold Not Applicable Not Applicable
Runway Slope Longitudinal 1.2% 1.2%
Traverse 1% 1%
Surface type PCN84/F/B/W/T Asphalt PCN84/F/B/W/T Asphalt
Type of runway Precision Approach CAT I Non – Precision Approach (VOR/DME)

Planning a NON-Scheduled flight to Suriname:

Please follow the following steps to ensure a smooth arrangement of your flight;

Landing permission from the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) is REQUIRED for all Non-Scheduled flights (e.g. Private- / Charter- / Military flights, etc…) into SMJP/PBM!

Please refer here to the form to obtain your landing permit from the Civil Aviation Department (CAD): Landing Permit Application Form. (Choose: Pengel Airport – SMJP)

Permit requests can be obtained from Monday to Friday (holidays excluded!) from 10:00Z – 18:00Z and take around 2-3 business days to process (Please plan accordingly)!

Choose a ground handler and make prior handling arrangements (you can either send this form directly to the ground handler for further arrangements or send it yourself). You will be required to use a ground handler upon commencement of flight.

All International Flights to and from Suriname require a Ground Handling Agent:

Surair Ground Services (SGS) Tel: +597 325227 Email: surair.operations (@)
Surair Ground Services
Transport Ltd. Tel: +597 851-3213 Email:
– gen.transport (@) /
– info (@)
Transport Ltd.

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