Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport


Visa Requirements & Health Information

“Entry Fee” for The Republic of Suriname:

(Updated: July 01, 2022)

Starting from July 01, 2022 travelers wishing to visit Suriname for Tourism purposes, will be required to pay the Entry Fee to be admitted to the territory of the Republic of Suriname.

Citizens of all countries will pay the Entry Fee.

  • Excluded for payment Entry Fee are:
    • Holders of a passport from Vatican City
    • Holders of passports from CARICOM countries
    • Holders of a Diplomatic and Service passports
    • Holders of UN Laissez passer
    • Holders of a PSA document or PSA card
    • Those with a still valid visa
    • Residents of Suriname

You will need to upload a copy of your (travelers) passport to complete the Entry Fee Voucher application.

Persons in transit who want to leave the airport must have a transit visa and do not pay the Entry Fee. Persons who are in transit and do not leave the airport, don’t need a visa and do not pay the Entry Fee.

The Entry Fee is USD 25 or EUR 25.
The VFS service fee is USD 8 or EUR 8.

Anyone traveling to Suriname who prior to July 2022, would require a Visa or Tourist Card is now REQUIRED to only pay an “Entry Fee” to enter the Republic of Suriname.

Please visit: VFS Global Suriname – Entry Fee